Shipping Method

Delivery methods of our security doors at your home.

We deliver Balomenos Security Doors in all around the world In case you leave in Athens, Greece we suggest: Call 210-4820000 for an appointment with one of our experienced Balomenos Doors sellers.

We established a wide chain of stores, so one of them should be close to you. You have to know exactly horizontal and vertical dimensions and also the stable part. Our seller will help you to choose security door/lock according to your needs and budget.

If it is difficult for you to come, then you can always call 210-4820000 and arrange an appointment, so our technical team will come at your place to help you choose design and color. We deliver to your home after 3-5 days with our means of transport. Then our experienced staff will install the security door. Aluminium security doors have 5-35 delivery schedule depending color.

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